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En Tiada Nama

i manage to kill my heart,
the heart to trust people,
to love others,
and to hopes,

it's just good to kill our heart,
and leave ourself in a peaceful state,
without need to care about our feeling,
or others,
to left behind the hopes that would always hurt us,
no matter what would we do next,

thanks to all my friends and my hopes,
to help me to kill my only heart,
and create the other me,
and the old me had just died along with the heart,

now i'm free,
and i could be just me,
not like the old me,
who always had to take care of others feeling,
and being fooled,
and bullied,
and make those "fake smile" all over his life,
and no one ever could understand his true feeling about others,
no one would try to understand his sadness,
how much he's dissappointed in life,
and he's will just try to smile in front of others,
try to ignore his true feelings,

i would never be the same like the other me,
i would never trust others as they never trust me,
and i would never hopes as hopes would kill me,
and be like me,

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